Term Description
1X2 A bet type in SBOTOP Sports. Bets can be made by either selecting a Home Win, a Draw or an Away Win. Bets will be settled at the end of normal time play, excluding extra time and penalties (where applicable).
Accept Any Odds When enabled, the accept any odds feature on your bet ticket allows our system to accept any odds if the odds fluctuate when you process the bet. Enabling this feature means both increased and decreased odds will be accepted.
Account ID A system generated unique identification number for your SBOTOP account.
AOS A bet option of the Correct Score bet type in SBOTOP Sports. To win AOS or "any other score", your chosen team (home or away) must win by a result or score that is not quoted on the market.
Asian 1X2 A bet type in SBOTOP Sports. Asian 1X2 is an exciting form of live betting of the 1X2 market. The score when the bet is placed is taken in consideration when considering the final score.
Asian Handicap A bet type in SBOTOP Sports. Asian Handicap is a form of betting that creates a more balanced betting environment between two mismatched competing teams by giving a "handicap" (expressed in goals or points) to the teams before kick-off. In Asian Handicap, a goal deficit is given to the team more likely to win (i.e. the Favourite) and a head start is given to the team less favoured to win (i.e. the Underdog).
Auto Refresh Odds When enabled, the auto refresh odds feature on your bet ticket allows your bet ticket to be automatically refreshed, ensuring that you are updated with the latest odds that SBOTOP offers. The refresh timer is 10 seconds for non-live events; 5 seconds for live events; and 30 seconds for outright events.
Away Team The team or player playing at the ground or venue of the opposing team or player.
Beez Kneez A honey bee themed slot game with free spin and prize pick opportunities, offered in SBOTOP Games.
Bet Credit The actual credit amount you can use to place bets with. Your bet credit can be more than or equals to zero, however you will not be able to place bets if your bet credit is zero. You can increase your bet credit by depositing funds into your SBOTOP account.
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